BLAST announces its 2023 tournament calendar

Tournament operator BLAST has unveiled the calendar of its tournaments to be organized in 2023. The press release was posted on the company's official Twitter page.

The calendar of competitions under the auspices of BLAST is divided into spring and fall seasons, followed by the final tournament of the year. The structure of each season implies a group stage featuring partner teams, a Showdown with open qualifiers, as well as Finals.

BLAST specified that out of the seven scheduled events, three will be held in arenas in front of a live audience. These will be two seasonal Finals and the World Final.

The BLAST tournament calendar for 2023 looks as follows:

  • Spring Groups: January 19-January 29
  • Spring Showdown: April 11-16
  • Spring Final: June 6-11
  • Fall Groups: July 13-23
  • Fall Showdown: October 3-8
  • Fall Final: November 21-26
  • World Final: December 12-17

Besides its own tournaments, this year BLAST, jointly with Valve, will organize a Major. The world championship called Paris Major 2023 will take place in France from May 8 to 21.