Astralis director on signing HUNDEN: "I am very happy because he is a sought after specialist"

Astralis Director of Sports Kasper Hvidt commented in a conversation with a journalist on the appointment of Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen as the new Head Analyst. The manager is confident that the cooperation will prove to be successful and does not think that the scandalous reputation of the specialist is a problem.

He is an insanely talented coach and analyst. I am very happy that we managed to make an agreement with him because it is no secret that he is a sought after specialist for what he can do. We have had many conversations with Nicolai, as he was one of the coaches who got suspended by ESIC. As an organization, we do not approve of his actions, but it is also the case that the suspension is over. He suffered his punishment.

Virtually all of the initially banned coaches have subsequently got jobs, some even stayed in their organizations in other roles. No special rules apply to Nicolai. We actually also have casle, who was banned too and served his sentence on an equal footing with Nicolai.

HUNDEN joined Astralis shortly after the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) lifted his ban, which he was handed in 2021 as Heroic's coach for sharing strategies with an opposing team at IEM Cologne 2021. A year earlier, the Danish specialist was also convicted of abusing the spectator bug and served a ban in the pro scene for eight months.