"I squandered all my strength and part of my sanity". bodyy ends season early due to burnout

HEET's in-game leader Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro took to Twitter to speak out on the mental issues that forced him to refuse to take part in ESL Challenger League Season 43 Relegation and take an early vacation. According to the player, a busy tournament schedule and a desire to succeed led him to burnout.

All these turns of the team that could have created an even more beautiful story eventually turned into an obsession that I had to succeed at all costs. My goal is to win a Major, the ESL Pro League and other big tournaments. In pursuit of this, I squandered all my strength and part of my sanity.

It is not for lack of interest that I have been absent from the last tournament of the year, as some might think, but for trying to find a balance in life. I was ashamed to formalize it, talk about it with teammates, accept that my mental health was at its lowest and make an appropriate decision.

bodyy noted that his condition was negatively affected by several foiled offers from top teams during his stint with the DBL PONEY mix in 2021, as well as problems finding an organization. After signing with HEET, he was worried sick over the lack of good results and, in particular, not managing to qualify for the Majors in 2022.

The French player added that in early December he went to Japan, where his girlfriend is studying, with whom he will spend a vacation and recuperate for the new competitive season.

Without bodyy, HEET finished in 7-8th place at ESL Challenger League Season 43 Relegation. The captain was temporarily replaced by Lucas "Lucky" Chastang, who had previously been put on the bench.

Origin: twitter.com