b4rtin transitions to Valorant

20-year-old Brazilian esports athlete Bruno "b4rtin" Câmara, who is best known for his stint with GODSENT, has moved to Valorant. 00NATION have announced the addition of the player to their roster in the Riot Games shooter.

The best achievement throughout Câmara's four-year career in CS:GO was a second-place finish at the Americas RMR tournament last fall, followed by last place at PGL Major Stockholm 2022. The young Brazilian, along with his GODSENT teammates, also finished 5-6th at IEM Winter 2021.

Besides the aforementioned competitions, b4rtin attended such big events as IEM Katowice 2022 and ESL Pro League Season 15, finishing both of these championships in penultimate place.

Câmara has been benched in GODSENT since July this year, when the Swedish club sold the core of their roster to 00NATION. Subsequently, he played on loan for TeamOne and took part in the open qualifiers for IEM Rio Major 2022 with the BT Selection roster, though did not find any success.

Origin: twitter.com