juliano and zAAz assemble team for ESL Impact Katowice 2023 qualifiers

Eminent Swedish duo Julia "juliano" Kiran and Zainab "zAAz" Turkie have been spotted in the lineup submitted for the open qualifiers for the women's tournament ESL Impact Katowice 2023. The women will play in The Unexpected roster.

For juliano and zAAz, the upcoming matches will be the first since April 2021, when the XSET organization disbanded its female roster. After that, the Swedes moved to Valorant, achieving certain successes in the G2 camp.

The juliano and zAAz duo is considered one of the strongest in CS:GO history. Together, they dominated the Valve shooter's female scene for a long time, winning many of the most prestigious women's competitions.

The European qualifiers for ESL Impact Katowice 2023 will take place from December 14 to 18. The championship itself, where the participation of Nigma Galaxy, FURIA fe, HSG fe and CLG Red has already been confirmed, is scheduled for February 10-13.

The current The Unexpected lineup is as follows:

Julia "juliano" Kiran
 Zainab "zAAz" Turkie
Anastasia "kr4sy" Khlobystina
Anna "Ann4" Laurinoviča
Oleksandra "manka" Kruspe

Origin: play.esea.net