Valve makes changes to rules for holding RMR tournaments

Valve updated the rules for the regional qualifiers for a Major, which are held in the format of RMR tournaments. The changes have already come into force and will take effect from the next qualifying cycle.

One of the main changes was the addition of a closed qualifier stage, while previously the qualifiers were held exclusively in an open format. Direct invites will be handed out to half of the participants according to an official Regional Standing which will be determined by the teams' latest results at both Valve-sanctioned and third-party tournaments.

Each of the regions – Europe, America, Asia – will hold at least one closed qualifier, with the rulebook stipulating that the number of participating teams must be twice the number of spots allocated for the Major. The qualifiers within one region can only be split if it is necessary for the ping equalization.

Valve also increased the number of spots for the Asia RMR. Now eight, not four, representatives of the region will compete for tickets to the Major.

The next Valve-sponsored event will be Major Paris 2023 taking place from May 8 to 21 in the capital of France. The dates for the qualifying cycle have yet to be announced.