Analysts: s1mple had the worst reaction among AWPers at BLAST Fall Final 2022

Analytical service SCOPE.GG on its social media posted the results of a Time to Damage study among AWPers who took part in BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. NAVI's Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev turned out to be the slowest sniper of the tournament.

Time to Damage (TTD) is the average time it takes you from seeing the enemy player to dealing damage to them. On average, s1mple dealt the first damage 0.237 seconds after spotting an enemy. NIP's AWPer Fredrik "REZ" Sterner, on the other hand, emerged as the fastest AWPer of the event – 0.199 seconds.

TTD reflects more than just the player's reaction time. Among other things, it also takes into account the esports athlete's accuracy.

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 took place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, from November 23 to 27. NAVI, with s1mple being their leader, finished the tournament in 5-6th place. In the group stage, Natus Vincere bested Fluxo and fell to Liquid, while in the quarterfinals they were defeated by NIP.