Nigma Galaxy become ESL Impact League two-time champions

Nigma Galaxy have won ESL Impact League Season 2, in the grand final of which they bested FURIA fe 2:0 – 16:5 on Mirage and 16:14 on Ancient. Ksenia "vilga" Kluenkova and company thus became a two-time champions of the prestigious women's league.

Over the course of the second season of the ESL Impact League, Nigma Galaxy did not suffer a single loss. In the group stage, the women defeated HSG fe and CLG Red, after which they eliminated NOFEAR5 in the semifinals.

The results of the playoffs are:

The prize pool distribution is as follows:

1.  Nigma Galaxy – $50,000
2.  FURIA fe – $25,000
3-4.  HSG fe – $13,000
3-4.  NOFEAR5 – $13,000
5-6.  B4 fe – $7,000
5-6.  CLG Red – $7,000
7-8.  EG Gold – $4,000
7-8.  ATK fe – $4,000

The victory at ESL Impact League Season 2 cemented Nigma Galaxy's status as the strongest team in the female CS:GO pro scene. Previously, besides the two seasons of the ESL Impact League, the women were also crowned ESL Impact Valencia 2022 champions.