Jame on emotions at tournaments: "For me, time wasted is energy lost"

Outsiders' captain Dzhami "Jame" Ali gave a big interview to Cybersport.ru. In particular, the Russian player, whose team won the last Major, commented on his composure during even the most intense matches.

According to Ali, for him, any emotional manifestation is a loss of energy. That is why during official matches he purposefully stays calm and rationally uses the limited time.

Overall, I'm calm. I think it's some kind of composure. Sometimes I play praccs and I'm very nervous, and when I'm in an official, it comes to the realization that you have already done everything to win and now you just need to press the buttons and do your job. You don't have a second to scream, stand up, take off your headphones, start waving your arms. For me, time wasted is energy lost.

A match does not always end quickly. A match can, like the final, be delayed for 30 minutes, but your energy is not infinite. During these pauses, you can go out, chat, have fun, shout something, turn on the crowd, or you can just sit and save [energy] because you never know how long the match is going to last. When you get up, go up to your teammate, slap on the shoulders, high five, you spend seconds at that time to see what respawn you have, what is written in your notebook. Maybe I think this way because I am a sniper-captain and I have twice as many responsibilities.

For the very same reason, Jame refuses to be interviewed before and during matches. In addition to questions from journalists, the player tries to abstract from everything that prevents him from concentrating on the game.

I never give interviews before a match and between maps. And even at a press conference the day before an important tournament, I don't really want to do it. I believe it results in you being all over the place and wastes your energy, especially if it's in English, you start to think. It's not that easy. I try to disengage from everything: social media, other people, life's problems.

Outsiders' in-game leader also spoke about his peculiar tactics, which is to save a weapon if the chances of winning the round are low. In his opinion, success at Majors has changed the general perception of this approach.

Everyone makes fun, laughs that I save, and then I make the final of a Major three years ago – now it's a different perception. A person can't just make the final of a Major, which means he is doing something right.

Right now people on FACEIT save the AWP 1v3, 1v2, when they don't have a chance. People already think and play CS:GO differently.

Outsiders, led by Jame, were crowned champions of the recently concluded IEM Rio Major 2022, thus earning $500,000 from the prize pool. In the Major's grand final, the team bested Heroic 2:0.

Origin: www.cybersport.ru