"We need to understand the goals of each player". FalleN speaks about Imperial's prospects for 2023

Imperial's in-game leader Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo is not confident that his team will have the same lineup next year. This is what the player said in an interview for Dust2.com.br.

According to the eminent Brazilian, in the near future the squad will have to discuss the prospects for 2023. He stressed that everything will depend on the desire of each player to continue his career in one team.

We need to understand the goals of each player. In January, we gathered as part of this project to do everything together, enjoy the game and overcome difficulties. Now this cycle has ended, and we need to see where each one's priorities are. Perhaps someone wants to continue playing while the other has other plans. The future of the team is at stake, so we all need to think carefully.

FalleN also commented on the rumors spread in the Brazilian CS:GO community about Fernando "fer" Alvarenga's intention to hang up his mouse.

We will need to talk to fer and understand what is on his mind, because it depends a lot on his motivation. It's very easy to say that you want to win the next Major, but you can only do that by putting 100% effort into it. This is a matter that requires special attention, but regardless of what fer wants to do, I will always be on his side. He is a guy who has already done more than he should for Brazil, and we will support him in whatever he does.

The interview with FalleN took place shortly after the conclusion of IEM Rio Major 2022 where Imperial finished in last place. There are currently no scheduled tournaments on the team's calendar for the remainder of 2022.

Origin: www.dust2.com.br