Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 viewer's guide

Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 will take place in Finland from November 16 to 20. The championship will see twelve teams compete for a total prize pool of $200,000, with the winners also getting a direct invite to the Play-In stage of IEM Katowice 2023.

The participants will be split into two groups of six teams, where they will play in the Round-robin best-of-one format. The winners of their respective groups will secure a direct semifinal spot, while teams placed second to third place will advance to the quarterfinals. The tournament's playoffs will feature the Single Elimination best-of-three format.

The groups look as follows:

Group A

 BIG (tabseN, Krimbo, k1to, s1n, faveN)
 Sprout (slaxz-, Staehr, lauNX, Zyphon, refrezh)
 HAVU (xseveN, Aerial, zehN, doto, spargo)
 HEET (bodyy, afro, Djoko, Ex3rcice, JACKZ)
 ENCE (Snappi, Maden, dycha, SunPayus, valde)
 GamerLegion (iM, isak, acoR, siuhy, Keoz)

Group B

 Astralis (Xyp9x, gla1ve, blameF, MistR, Kristou)
 fnatic (KRIMZ, mezii, nicoodoz, roeJ, FASHR)
 Complexity (JT, floppy, Grim, FaNg, hallzerk)
 SAW (JUST, MUTiRiS, rmn, ewjerkz, story)
 Bad News Eagles (SENER1, gxx-, juanflatroo, sinnopsyy, rigoN)
 500 (dennyslaw, Rainwaker, SHiPZ, niki1, Patrick)

The prize pool distribution is:

1. $100K + IEM Katowice 2023 Play-In stage invite
2. $80K
3-4. $14K
5-6. $10K
7-12. $4K