kennyS: "The Paris Major is definitely the biggest objective and something I will grind for"

Falcons' newcomer Kenny "kennyS" Schrub spoke to Dexerto about his goals in his new team. According to the Frenchman, he will focus on qualifying for the home BLAST Paris Major 2023, which is set to kick off in six months.

That would be the goal for everyone in France right now. I have played so many Majors, and missing the Rio Major was already quite painful. At least trying to qualify for the BLAST Major is something I really want to do. The Paris Major is definitely the biggest objective and something I will grind for.

Schrub also emphasized that despite a year and a half of being inactive, he is able to get back to a high level of individual play.

I think I deserve one last chance to finish my career in a way that is not being on the bench. I'm grateful I have the opportunity to do things differently. It feels amazing to be back. I'm really happy. <...> If I don't believe in myself, who will? It is quite difficult to get back at it after not being competitive for almost two years. I'm aware of the amount of work I have ahead of me, but I know that I'm still one of the best mechanical players in the world. I'm not worried at all about my mechanical level. I know it's going to come back really quickly, but I definitely need to catch up on stuff like the meta.

Falcons signed kennyS as a free agent shortly after the player parted ways with G2. The debut of the eminent AWPer in the new team will take place tomorrow, November 16, at 21:00 MSK, in the match against LDLC at European Development Championship 6.