s1mple on losing to FURIA: "We were so scared to do some moves when we needed to do them"

NAVI player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev commented on the defeat to FURIA in the quarterfinals of IEM Rio Major 2022. In an interview with the tournament organizers, the Ukrainian admitted that his team could not prove themselves in this match and often played frightened.

I feel like we didn't play our game at all, on the third map especially. There were so many unlucky situations, talking about my game, but it's just excuses. We just played scared on CT side.

Sometimes it was hard to hear the game but I think it's not because of this [crowd support]. FURIA played the same. They just prepared better and we were so scared to do some moves when we needed to do them. Maybe sometimes [the information from the coach was lost due to the sound], but overall I think we lost because they were better and we played bad.

We have two more tournaments left, so we will try to get at least one. I mean, we just need to fix mistakes and play more brave, I guess.

NAVI's next tournament will be BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. The LAN event will take place on November 23-27 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

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