YEKINDAR: "I like to think that I'm smarter than any other player in the world"

Mareks "YEKINDAR" Galinskis, a member of the Liquid roster, spoke about his role in the team in a conversation with a journalist. According to the Latvian, his successful aggressive actions are largely due to him being confident that on the server, he is smarter than any player in the world.

I've never thought about why am I playing aggressive or whatever. I just like to think that I'm smarter than any other player in the world. Basically, when I came to the team, we started redoing things and a lot came to the point that those roles are for me. I'm playing aggressive lurks now more, so I'm not necessarily an entry fragger. I feel like people don't understand that mostly I'm space creating. I'm getting map control, but I'm not necessarily always running in first. I'm taking a lot more risks because I try to be always in the enemy's face. If they're greedy, I'm gonna be always in their face.

Galinskis added that he is currently experiencing the best period of his career.

I'm at the point of my life where I enjoy playing the most at the moment. I feel like I can do the most now. I'm not talking about the future if I'm gonna be better or not, but I feel that I'm a lot better than I was half a year ago or a year ago. I believe that my ambitions, at least, especially with this team, with these kind of results, obviously downs as well, but I feel like we can win tournaments.

YEKINDAR gave an interview during IEM Rio Major 2022, which Liquid started with a loss by MOUZ, after which bested Sprout and NAVI. On November 8, at 00:00 MSK, the North Americans will face off against Heroic in the fourth round of the Legends Stage. The winners of this match will advance to the tournament's playoffs.