Team Spirit have the youngest roster among all IEM Rio Major 2022 participants

The average age of the Team Spirit team is 20.5 years, which makes it the youngest participant of IEM Rio Major 2022. An infographic with the age of all 24 teams that will take part in the upcoming Major in Brazil was published on's official Twitter account.

Besides Team Spirit, the top three youngest teams of IEM Rio Major 2022 include Sprout and 9z, whose average age is 20.6 and 20.9 years, respectively. In turn, the oldest teams are Imperial (27.1), ENCE (26.6) and fnatic (26.1).

Average player age of all IEM Rio Major 2022 participants:

The approaching Major will be held in Brazil from October 31 to November 13. The total prize pool of the tournament is $1.25 million, of which $500,000 will go to the winner.