Rumors: k0nfig got into a fight with a broadcast talent at IEM Cologne 2022 [Updated]

Update (12:50 MSK): k0nfig has confirmed on Twitter the information about the conflict during IEM Cologne 2022. "I can confirm that it did happen and it escalated into something that it shouldnt have. We talked it out and solved it. I did not threaten anyone and I wasnt aggresive to any hotel staff nor ESL staff. I don't know what to say to be honest. I'm working on myself. I'm so sorry", he wrote.

During IEM Cologne 2022, Astralis' Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke had a conflict with a broadcast talent and hotel personnel, according to a report by, citing several witnesses to the incident.

An unnamed broadcast talent told reporters that during his conversation with k0nfig, the esports athlete began to behave aggressively under the influence of alcohol, which forced the talent to physically defend himself from the Dane's attacks. The ESL employee clarified that the conflict was settled the next day.

It was also reported that during the LAN tournament in Cologne, Wienecke "was hostile" not only towards the broadcast talent but also towards hotel personnel. The player's conflict with the hotel employee led to the police being called, yet was quickly settled.

The information about k0nfig's aggressive behavior at IEM Cologne 2022 appeared in public space shortly after the scandal with the player's fight in Malta during ESL Pro League Season 16. The Dane broke his leg in a fight with a promoter of a nightclub where he wanted to relax after the elimination from the tournament.

Wienecke's inappropriate behavior was the reason for his parting with Astralis. The player is currently inactive, recovering from a complicated ankle fracture.