"It won't work". smooya does not believe in the future of his mix as a team

Esports athlete Owen "smooya" Butterfield doubts that his Benched Heroes mix, which was assembled to participate in the qualifiers for IEM Rio Major 2022, has a future as a full-fledged team. He shared his opinion about the prospects of the composition in the HLTV Confirmed podcast.

According to the British AWPer, he and his teammates earned a spot in the upcoming RMR tournament due to the game inherent to mixes rather than thoughtful tactics that only interfere with such lineups.

We can completely lose our identity as a mix, which is the only reason why we beat people. You saw what happened against Illuminar. When we tried to play CS, we went 10:1 down and we went 8:0 down on two maps. I was like, "Aunkere, buy the AWP. No one talks this round, just shoot people". We are not a team. In five weeks, we are not gonna get enough teamplay to beat NAVI. I don't care what anyone in chat tells me. If we practice every day, 24 praccs, I don't sleep for 34 days right now, I will not beat NAVI in teamplay. I'm gonna have to walk out ramp on Nuke, blow Perfecto's head off, run downstairs, hopefully cut the rotations and that's it. We're going to keep it pretty simple. We'll do some practices, of course, and I'd like some small pocket strats and stuff like that. People who say, "Dude, you should make a long-term team". Are you crazy? It won't work.

According to the previously announced seeding of the participants in the European qualifying event for the Major, Benched Heroes will compete in RMR A, facing the aforementioned NAVI in their first match. The tournament is scheduled to take place from October 4 to 9.

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