kassad: "Next step in coaching aspect should be hiring offensive and defensive assistants coaches"

Serbian coach Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović on his Twitter account suggested that all clubs consider signing offensive and defensive coaches. The specialist is surprised that at the moment no team uses such an approach to working with players. 

Trifunović discussed this issue with several organizations, but they were not interested in expanding the coaching staff. 

Next step in coaching aspect for orgs should be hiring offensive and defensive assistants coaches. I m surprised its not happening yet. That's something I brought up with a couple of orgs, but it was meet with skepticism and their minds immediately started calculating salaries.

Now the most common concept in the CS:GO pro scene is for a team to have a coach and an analyst. The former is engaged in managing a squad during the matches, while the latter is mainly focused on preparing for the games and analyzing the opponents' actions.

Origin: twitter.com