ORDER suspend operations amid financial problems

Australian organization ORDER has suspended its operations due to serious financial problems caused by the exit of investors, as reported by TheAustralian.com.au, after which the information was confirmed by the club's Chief Gaming Officer, Chris Orfanellis.

According to journalists, in 2022, a key part of ORDER's development strategy was the launch of its own clothing line and the signing of several popular streamers. These plans failed to be implemented, which is why investors stopped financing.

Now ORDER is not able to pay salaries to their players in five disciplines. The club is up for sale and has reportedly already attracted several potential buyers.

The report also notes how much ORDER was spending on the maintenance of the CS:GO team. According to the source, Joshua "INS" Potter signed in June cost the club $750,000 a year.

Nonetheless, the problems with financing did not prevent ORDER from recently making a change in the CS:GO roster, as a result of which Declan "Vexite" Portelli replaced Jordan "Hatz" Bajic. In the renewed form, the team made it to the closed qualifier for the upcoming Asian RMR tournament, and in early September is set to play at the home event ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022.

Origin: www.theaustralian.com.au