fnatic Rising claim WePlay Academy League Season 5 title

fnatic Rising have won the fifth season of WePlay's Academy League. In the grand final of the tournament that was held from July 25 to August 14 in an online format, the European squad got the better of Team Spirit Academy 2:0 – 16:14 on Mirage and 16:1 on Inferno.

During WePlay Academy League Season 5, fnatic's academy team finished first in the group stage, after which took over Astralis Talent and BIG Academy in the playoffs on the way to the decisive match.

The final playoff bracket of WAL Season 5 looks as follows:

The prize money distribution:

1.  fnatic Rising – $45,000
2.  Team Spirit Academy – $20,000
3.  BIG Academy – $15,000
4.  Astralis Talent –$8,000
5-6.  NAVI Junior – $4,000
5-6.  Young Ninjas – $4,000
7-8.  FURIA Academy – $1,500
7-8.  OG Academy – $1,500
9-10.  ENCE Academy – $500
9-10.  MOUZ NXT – $500

WePlay Academy League had a new team lifting the trophy for the first time since MOUZ NXT's reigning in all previous seasons. The majority Polish squad was eliminated in the group stage of the concluded tournament.