Evil Geniuses announce stanislaw and RUSH as Carpe Diem's newcomers

Evil Geniuses have announced on their social media the revamped Carpe Diem lineup, which is one of the three rosters of the club's CS:GO division. The newcomers to the team are well-known North American players Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz and William "RUSH" Wierzba.

stanislaw joined Carpe Diem as a free agent. The 28-year-old Canadian in-game leader returned to the Evil Geniuses structure a year after the departure.

RUSH until recently was a member of Evil Geniuses' main team. The club decided to rebuild the main squad after the disastrous first half of 2022 and replaced Wierzba and Jake "Stewei2K" Yip with Jadan "HexT" Postma and Sanzhar "neaLaN" Ishkakov.

The renewed Carpe Diem roster is set to make its debut at ESL Challenger League Season 42 North America. The online tournament is scheduled to start on August 16.

 Evil Geniuses' (Carpe Diem) current lineup is:

 Colby "Walco" Walsh
 Jerric "wiz" Jiang
 Connor "chop" Sullivan
 Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz
 William "RUSH" Wierzba

Origin: twitter.com