headtr1ck: "I think I can become the next star from NAVI Junior"

NAVI Junior player Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov believes that he is capable of repeating the path to success of the club's academy "graduates" Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov and Valeriy "b1t" Vakhovskiy. He spoke about it in an interview with the organizers of WePlay Academy League Season 5.

Like headtr1ck, m0NESY and b1t started their professional careers in NAVI's academy team and eventually became one of the best players in the world. Valitov sees his former teammates as role models.

I think I can become the next star from NAVI Junior. I don't really have any pressure, I feel free. I try to feel confident all the time when I'm playing. I don't think about anything, I just play my game, trying to help my team win rounds and that's it. m0NESY and b1t are really good examples for young players. When you play a lot, you can reach success very fast. I'm good friends with m0NESY and I talk with b1t a lot. They just like to play and practice. That's it.

headtr1ck also shared his opinion on the current state of the Ukrainian CS:GO pro scene.

I think Ukrainian CS right now is pretty good. A few years ago it wasn't that good. In my opinion, Ukraine has one of the most skilled players in CS. We have, of course, s1mple, b1t, new players like Woro2k, w0nderful, me. fear can be a good captain. I think these players are very good. I think Ukraine is one of the strongest countries in CS right now.

headtr1ck has been representing NAVI Junior since 2021. During this time, the 18-year-old Ukrainian also gained experience playing for the club's main roster after stepping in for Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov in NAVI's opening matches at ESL Pro League Season 15.

Origin: youtu.be