ORDER receive direct invite to ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022

The Australian team ORDER has received a direct invite to their home tournament ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022, the event organizers announced on their social media.

In addition to ORDER, which is the highest-ranked team in Oceania, the competition will feature the previously qualified Entropiq, Evil Geniuses (Party Astronauts), VERTEX and Wings Up, as well as three other direct invitees.

ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 will take place from September 2 to 9. The prize pool of the LAN tournament amounts to $100,000. Besides, the participants will compete for one ticket to EPL Conference Season 17, the final qualifying event for ESL Pro League Season 17.

The team list for ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 looks as follows:

Direct invite #2
 Direct invite #3
 Direct invite #4
 Evil Geniuses (Party Astronauts)
 Wings Up

Origin: twitter.com