Dosia on his new roster: "We already have an organization. It's American Forward Gaming"

Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov's new roster will be signed by the American organization Forward Gaming, the Russian player said in an interview with the popular Russian-speaking streamer Alexey "PCH3LK1N" Pchelkin. As of now, the club has yet to officially make a decision due to legal issues, he clarified.

We don't have a name for the team yet, but we already have an organization. We have not yet made a final decision. Not the players, but the organization, that is. It's American Forward Gaming. It had one of the strongest Dota 2 lineups in 2018-2019. Moreover, our guys also played there. Very famous guys played there and now the club reached out to us. It's not a secret, but now a lot of delays and difficulties can arise with the registration of the team.

The news about Stolyarov's intentions to create a new team came at the end of June. Besides the Russian, his former Gambit teammate Rustem "mou" Telepov also had a hand in the formation of the team.

According to mou, in addition to him and Dosia, the advance version of the roster features little-known Vladislav "xiELO" Lisov, Alisher "M1kami" Masakbay and Ilya "eLa1z" Aitov.