Player break on pro scene in 2023 to take place following spring Major

The Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association (CSPPA) has announced the approval of the dates for the summer break on the professional scene in 2023. After consulting with tournament operators, players, and other members of the CS:GO community, it has been decided that the break will begin on June 12 and end on July 9.

Thus, in 2023, the player break on the professional scene will come shortly after the end of the first Major of the year, which, according to Valve's previously announced plans, will take place in May.

The CSPPA noted that the changes made to the competitive schedule should help split the calendar year into two evenly filled seasons. The association believes that now, when the players are off from July 18 to August 14, the proportionality of the two parts of the year is not respected.

Earlier, several members of the professional CS:GO community called for changing the tournament calendar in such a way that the breaks begin right after the Majors. This approach is believed to help teams better navigate the transfer market and not play any matches after the climax of the half-year (the Majors).