Analysts: Popularity of M4A1-S in matchmaking decreased after recent nerf

After the recent CS:GO update, which saw the M4A1-S' magazine being reduced to 20 bullets, the popularity of this rifle in official matchmaking and on FACEIT has decreased, reports.

The authors of the study analyzed more than 1 million matches before and after the update, comparing the frequency of using the M4A1-S and its alternative M4A4 by the CTs.

The analysts reported the following results of their study:

Before the update

  • FACEIT: M4A1-S – 50.48%; M4A4 – 3.74%.
  • Official matchmaking: M4A1-S – 43.44%; M4A4 – 6.67%.

After the update

  • FACEIT: M4A1-S – 42.98%; M4A4 – 10.25%.
  • Official matchmaking: M4A1-S – 37.76%; M4A4 – 11.16%.

The M4A1-S became the main CTs' rifle after the CS:GO update in September 2021 when the weapon was buffed in body damage. Subsequently, the balance between the sides on the professional scene has significantly changed, seeing all competitive maps become CT sided.