Curiosity at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022: apEX forgot about the bomb and almost lost the round

A curious situation occurred in the match between Vitality and paiN at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022. On Dust2, the European team's in-game leader, Dan "apEX" Madesclaire, forgot about the bomb he was carrying, which nearly led to the round being lost.

The situation happened in the second round, when Vitality were holding the A site, while the only remaining paiN player intended to save his weapon on the opposite side of the map. 22 seconds before the end of the round, apEX, who was at the T spawn, realized that he had a bomb and ran to the site.

Having realized the likelihood of losing due to lack of time, Vitality's IGL told his teammates to find and kill the remaining opponent as quickly as possible. Madesclaire's teammates could not do that, but the in-game leader himself managed to plant the bomb at the last second.

BLAST posted a clip of the moment with Vitality's TeamSpeak on Twitter.

The Vitality – paiN match ended with the victory of the Europeans, which secured them the spot in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 playoffs.