Kasper Hvidt: "Everyone in Astralis is disappointed with such a result at the Major"

Astralis Director of Sports Kasper Hvidt in an interview to Dust2.dk commented on the results of the Danish team at the recently concluded PGL Major Antwerp 2022, where the squad failed to make it further than the first stage. According to him, everyone in the organization considers this performance unsatisfactory, as they counted on a successful run.

Everyone in our organization is disappointed with this result. The roster arrived at the Major expecting a good performance, as the team did well at recent tournaments. I think the result at ESL Pro League Season 15, where we lost 1:2 to really strong FURIA, could be considered satisfactory.

I'm pretty sure the players had some mental issues when they were going 2-1. Two factors had a negative impact on the team. Firstly, we lost to Vitality and it was quite painful. And secondly, this T side against MIBR... We had to play a lot of nervous rounds, where everything depended on the individual actions of players like blameF.

Hvidt hopes that the players will be able to cope with the pressure they have come under due to an early elimination from the prestigious tournament, and notes that this will not be an easy period.

Of course, the team will be able to accept the failure at the Major. However, it will not be easy, but, of course, we would like to believe in the best. The problem is that we are all human and deal with pressure in different ways. Even if you realize that next time you should focus on your opponents and put everything else aside, this does not mean that you will succeed, because thoughts about the consequences of defeat cannot simply be thrown out of your head.

Interestingly enough, Dust2.dk journalists did not publish the part of the interview with discussions on the future of the lineup. According to the footnote, the continuation will be released at a later date.

Following the results of the Antwerp's Major, Astralis finished 17-19th. In the Challengers Stage, the team defeated IHC and MIBR, but lost to Vitality, Team Spirit and Liquid.

Origin: www.dust2.dk