CSPPA urges ESIC to speed up investigation into coaching bug abuse

The Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) has taken to social media with a statement regarding the ongoing investigation into the coaching bug use on the competitive scene. In particular, the Association called on the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), which carries out the investigation, to speed up the process and unveil its results as soon as possible.

The CSPPA believes that the long investigation process harm the professional CS:GO scene.

While CSPPA does appreciate the work being done by ESIC in general, we feel that the original investigation was lacking and the sanctioning of this second batch of coaches took far too long. It is detrimental to the health of the Professional CS:GO scene that investigations continue on for an extended period as we have seen in these cases. It is our hope and demand that this process will be improved and streamlined going forward.

The Association also expressed support for ESIC in finding and analyzing cases of the coaching bug abuse. The company is ready to help in the investigation in any way possible.

Cheating and bug abuse have no place in Professional CS:GO, which means we need a watchdog like ESIC in our ecosystem to prevent and punish any type of unfair gameplay. CSPPA knows there has been certain changes behind closed doors on how ESIC do their investigations, which should lead to more transparent and effective investigations in the future. CSPPA will be watching ESIC closely and providing assistance should that be necessary.

A total of 97 coaches appear in the ongoing ESIC investigation, all of whom can be punished for using the spectator mode bug. On top of that, three specialists were already suspended from PGL Major Antwerp 2022 before the publication of the official investigation results. Namely, these are Sergey "hally" Shavaev (Team Spirit), Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu (Imperial) and Rafael "zakk" Fernandez (9z), the offences of whom the Commission regarded as of "serious nature".

Origin: twitter.com