Rumors: WePlay to invite OG, GODSENT, 00NATION and Apeks to their academy league

Next season of the WePlay Academy League will feature the academy rosters of OG, GODSENT, 00NATION and Apeks, as reported by BLIX.GG, citing their own sources.

GODSENT Academy, like the main team of the organization, is represented by Brazilian players. The core of 00Prospects and Apeks Rebels consists of Norwegian players. In turn, OG are still in the process of building a youth lineup coached by Christian "crisby" Schmitt.

At the moment, there is no information about when WePlay Academy League Season 4 kicks off. The previous season ended on February 13 this year with the victory of MOUZ NXT, who are the sole champions of the league, having claimed all three titles.

The preliminary list of WAL Season 4 participants:

 NAVI Junior
 Astralis Talent
 Young Ninjas
 fnatic Rising
 BIG Academy
 FURIA Academy
 Team Spirit Academy
 Eternal Fire Academy
 GODSENT Academy
 Apeks Rebels
 OG Academy