Europe RMR B opening matches unveiled

Tournament operator PGL has officially published the schedule of the second European RMR event. The regional qualifier, which will feature sixteen teams competing for eight spots in PGL Major Antwerp 2022, will take place from April 21 to 24.

The matches will be played in the Swiss group, where the elimination and promotion meetings will be held in the best-of-three format, while the rest of the games will be best-of-ones. The top three teams will advance directly to the Legends Stage of the Valve's tournament, while the five remaining tickets will ensure participation in the Challenger Stage.

The opening matches at Europe RMR B are:

 G2 –  Anonymo
 Entropiq –  Bad News Eagles
 NIP –  Endpoint
 Players –  Sangal
 Astralis –  ASG
 Copenhagen Flames –  Sprout
 Team Spirit –  ENCE

In addition to the spots in the Major, the teams will fight for a total prize pool of $85,000, which will be divided among those who will make it to top 4.