Direct mention of CS:GO found in Source 2 tools

A function directly related to CS:GO has appeared in the list of the official Source 2 tools for the first time, the popular data miner Gabe Follower shared on Twitter.

A feature called "CSGO Sticker Position" was added to Source 2 with a recent Dota 2 update, the game which already runs on the latest Valve's engine. This tool is responsible for positioning stickers on weapons in CS:GO.

Earlier, different enthusiasts have repeatedly found indirect evidence of Valve's plans to move CS:GO to a more modern engine in Dota 2 files related to Source 2. For the past two years, insiders have claimed that the developers have not stopped working on porting the shooter, but are facing intractable difficulties, one of which likely being the problem of adapting user-generated content.