lollipop21k goes inactive

Belarusian player Igor "lollipop21k" Solodkov has announced his intentions to indefinitely suspend his CS:GO career, the esports athlete shared in his VK group.

According to Solodkov, the decision was made amid a failed transfer from Nemiga to Finest, due to which he rejected several other offers and ended up without a team by the start of the qualifying cycle for PGL Major Stockholm 2022.

A month ago, the European organization Finest agreed with Nemiga on my buyout amount, it seemed that the transfer was a done deal, so I began to play for Finest while the organizations were doing their paperwork. As you already know, unfortunately, the transfer had to be canceled, there were difficulties with the paperwork, which is an extremely odd situation. Since the qualifiers for the RMR are starting soon and I still have an active contract with Nemiga, I will not be able to compete in these qualifiers according to Valve's rules.

I had to cancel 3 more offers due to the fact that I was positive that I was joining Finest. I chose Finest because I always wanted to try to play with the Europeans, besides, I know some players from there. I was offered good conditions, plus all the players are happy and talented with future potential transfers looking promising, but it turned out as rough as it did. Now, I end up missing the RMR because of this whole situation, and at the moment I don't have a decent offer.

lollipop21k noted that during the inactive period he will not play CS and will try his hand in another discipline.

It's a very disappointing situation to be honest. I'm getting a bit down on myself so I'm taking a break from my career for a while. I won't be streaming CS, I'm trying out a completely different discipline, I might be streaming another game (not Valorant). Who knows, maybe someday I'll come back with new vigor. Time will tell.

lollipop21k left Nemiga's starting five and was transfer-listed at the end of October last year. A month later, he started representing Finest, where he played his last match on February 16, 2022.