MICHU on problems with EG: "It all started from the top. The players were just the last piece of the puzzle"

Michał "MICHU" Müller, a member of MAD Lions, in an interview to Cybersport.pl spoke about the reasons for the failures of his former team Evil Geniuses, which he represented in 2021. The Pole also shared his expectations from playing for MAD Lions, which he joined in January this year.

According to Müller, the previous version of the Evil Geniuses roster was doomed to fail due to the lack of proper attention coming from the club.

Undoubtedly, the departure of our coach zews was critical. At some point we had neither a manager nor a coach. The players were left to themselves. Now, during practices in MAD Lions, there are a lot of people in our TeamSpeak. Some of them are players, and some are the staff of the club. Unfortunately, this was not the case in EG.

Do I have anything to blame myself for while playing for Evil Geniuses? I think I could play better, but it wouldn't change anything at all. It all started from the top. The players were just the last piece of the puzzle. Everything did not work the way it was supposed to in the first place.

Talking about the future of MAD Lions, MICHU expressed his hope that he will be able to take part in several big tournaments with his new team.

MAD Lions is not a BLAST or ESL partner, so it will be very difficult to qualify for big events. I hope I will be able to play at least a few tier-1 championships and compete against strong teams.

As for personal expectations, I have a feeling that in terms of individual play, I can return to a high level again. I think I'm the most experienced member of the squad. There is also sdy, who played a lot of matches for Team Spirit, and b0RUP, who previously played in Heroic. In the first weeks of practicing together, I feel great and I know that in this team I will have freedom of action.

Pinnacle Winter Series 2 and ESEA Advanced Season 40 Europe will be the next two tournaments for MAD Lions. At the moment, there is no information about which other big events will the team participate in this year.

Origin: cybersport.pl