neL: XTQZZZ to take over as G2’s coach

Coach of Vitality Rémy "XTQZZZ" Quoniam, who is rumored to be parting ways with the French team during the winter off-season, will lead the renewed G2 roster, insider Guillaume "neL" Ratier reports.

XTQZZZ will replace Damien "⁠maLeK⁠" Marcel, who left G2 in mid-November. According to Dexerto, maLeK⁠ is considering the option of continuing his career as head coach of Evil Geniuses.

Earlier, neL reported that during the break on the professional scene, G2 intend to build a roster of star players. Based on the latest information from the source, first of all, the club aims to replace François "AmaNEk⁠" Delaunay and Nemanja "nexa" Isaković, and the transfer of AWPer Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov from NAVI has already been completed, while Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen from OG may become the new in-game leader of the team.

Potential G2 lineup for the next season:

 Nemanja "⁠huNter-⁠" Kovač
 Nikola "⁠NiKo⁠" Kovač
 Audric "⁠JaCkz⁠" Jug
 Ilya "⁠m0NESY⁠" Osipov
 Aleksi "⁠Aleksib⁠" Virolainen

 Rémy "⁠XTQZZZ⁠" Quoniam (coach)