degster on being a rookie in Team Spirit: "There were things I did not particularly like"

Abdul "degster" Gasanov, an AWPer of Team Spirit, on his Instagram page talked about the transformation that happened to him since joining the Russian team. According to the esports athlete, at the beginning, he did not feel important and agreed with things that he considered wrong, but later changed his attitude towards the game.

I've always been someone about whom you could say: "This guy gives all of himself everywhere." People trust me because of my dedication and enthusiasm. In 2020, many people noticed the outcome of this work and I was invited to several teams. I chose one, the team where there was a very important person for me – Nikolay "Certus" Poluyanov. However, having joined the team, I did not feel like the most important player in the roster.

I was able to put those thoughts aside thanks to my good level of play and approach to work, which my teammates appreciated. But I remember my conversation with the coach after successful results at Dreamhack in Cologne about not slowing down and working harder than ever. Now, looking back I understand that these words were prophetic, I felt very strange in the team. There were things I did not particularly like, yet agreed with. Later this became the factor that changed my attitude towards CS in general.

Gasanov believes that in 2021 he did not fully realize his full potential. Also, the 23-year-old Russian urged the community not to jump all over his teammates and coach, since people unfamiliar with the situation do not fully understand what is happening inside the team.

I remember my promise to the organization's fans earlier this year not to slow down, but I believe that I have not done what I could have done for the people who work and support the organization. It's painful to realize that, given all the hate towards my teammates and my coach. Throughout this year he tried very hard to convey one simple truth – "you should work harder and harder".

Speaking for myself, I know where I could have done more and realizing this sometimes is killing me inside. I wanted to tell you guys, you don’t know many things and you shouldn’t talk trash about people not knowing what was going on inside the team. Many of you will understand this when you achieve success in any field, while some, for better or for worse, won't understand this at all.

This text was written to be honest with you. I will not deceive you by saying I am satisfied with everything or myself. No, this is not what it is, but in such situations, you can either whine and complain or draw conclusions and move on.

Following PGL Major Stockholm 2021, where Team Spirit failed to reach the Legends Stage, the CEO of the club Nikita Chukalin announced a reboot of the roster. Subsequently, Viktor "somedieyoung" Orudzhev, Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov and Nikolay "mir" Bityukov were put on the transfer list.