flamie: "The atmosphere in NAVI Junior is better, nobody is ever being mean"

Former player of NAVI Egor "flamie" Vasilyev commented on his experience playing for the youth squad of the Ukrainian organization, where he was invited as a stand-in for WePlay Academy League Season 2. In an interview to the NAVI Junior's YouTube channel, he spoke about the atmosphere in the team of novice esports athletes and the differences between the main roster.

According to flamie, the atmosphere in the Ukrainian's club academy is more friendly, in contrast to the main team, where the roster plays for the result.

Here, the atmosphere is slightly different. If we talk about the main roster, the atmosphere there is tailored to the result due to high requirements, but here, all the guys are young, this is almost a first team for many of them. The atmosphere in NAVI Junior is better, nobody is ever being mean – friendly vibes only.

At the same time, Vasilyev notes that the youth team spends more time on training than the players during his times in NAVI.

I think that now all the teams in the world have the same training schedule, but here it can be even more rigid than in regular squads. We had 5 praccs and an hour for discussions, but here, we have 6 praccs and an hour for discussions. We had never played so much before.

Currently, NAVI Junior are taking part in the LAN finals of the second season of the academy league from WePlay, which takes place in Kyiv. After losing to MOUZ NXT in the opening match, Natus Vincere will face off against BIG Academy in the lower bracket.

Origin: youtu.be