s1mple: Two or three consecutive Majors would be a great achievement for NAVI

Alexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, an AWPer of NAVI, gave an interview to HLTV.org's YouTube channel, in which he summed up the results of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, which his team won. According to the 24-year-old esports athlete, in the future, the goal of the roster, which has already won almost all big tournaments in professional CS:GO, will be to repeat the success at the Majors.

Wrapping up the conversation with the journalist, the Ukrainian added that in the future he plans to take a vacation for several months, which will give him the opportunity to improve his health.

Following PGL Major Stockholm 2021, Kostyliev was named the most valuable player of the tournament. He finished the Major with a 1.47 rating in six matches.