Endpoint part ways with Thomas

A British player Thomas "Thomas" Utting has been removed from the main roster of Endpoint. This was announced on the organization’s Twitter account.

According to the press release, Utting is leaving the team by mutual agreement of the parties. The 23-year-old esports athlete, who has represented the UK’s club for six months, was transfer-listed and now is allowed to look for his future career options.

At the end of August this year, Endpoint entered into new two-year contracts with all the squad members, including Thomas. At the same time, the players acquired a special status within the club, which allowed them to have a portion of the buyout fee.

It is currently unknown who will replace Thomas and complete the roster. The upcoming match of the European team will take place today, November 3, at ESEA S39 Advanced.

Current  Endpoint lineup:

 Max "⁠MiGHTYMAX⁠" Heath
 Kia "⁠Surreal⁠" Man
 Joey "⁠CRUC1AL⁠" Steusel
 Mohammad "⁠BOROS⁠" Malhas

 Allan "⁠Allan⁠" Hender (coach)

 Thomas "⁠Thomas⁠" Utting (benched)

Origin: twitter.com