byali goes inactive due to a hand injury

Paweł "byali" Bieliński, an in-game leader of Izako Boars, has taken a break from the competition as he injured his arm under unnamed circumstances. This was reported on the official Twitter account of the Polish organization.

According to Izako Boars' announcement, Bieliński will undergo an arm surgery, after which he will need long-term rehabilitation. According to the player himself, it will last for about two months, but during this time he will help his team as an assistant coach.

At the moment, it remains unknown who will replace byali in Izako Boars during his absence. In the matches on October 24, the team played together with Wojciech "darchevile" Klęba.

Current  Izako Boars lineup:

 Mateusz "⁠TOAO⁠" Zawistowski
 Daniel "⁠STOMP⁠" Płomiński
 Arek "⁠Vegi⁠" Nawojski
 Karol "⁠Enzo⁠" Lasota

 Bartosz "⁠Hyper⁠" Wolny (coach)

 Paweł "⁠byali⁠" Bieliński (inactive)