forZe exclude FL1T and almazer from the main lineup; liTTle leaves the team

forZe have undergone a massive roster change, during which Almaz "almazer" Asadullin was put on a transfer list, Evgeny "FL1T" Lebedev was moved to the inactive roster, and a coach Anatoliy "liTTle" Yashin left the team. The press release was published on the club's official website.

almazer has played for forZe since mid-2017, FL1T - since mid-2019, and liTTle has coached the roster for the past two years. The highest achievements of the mentioned trio are victories at DreamHack Open Winter 2019 and Spring Sweet Spring #1. At the same time, the best result in the ranking was the 12th place, which they took in September 2019.

The players and coach who left the roster have not yet announced where they will continue their careers. Earlier, insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov reported that Lebedev was signed by, and HellRaisers are interested in Yashin.

Thus, there are three players remaining in the current forZe lineup. The next tournament for the Russian team remains unknown for now. Also, the replacements for the departed players have not been announced. According to unofficial information published by OverDrive, one of the team's newcomers will be Evgeny "Norwi" Ermolin, while Artem "Fierce" Ivanov will take over as coach.

 forZe current lineup:

 Andrey "⁠Jerry⁠" Mekhryakov
 Aleksandr "⁠zorte⁠" Zagodyrenko
 Aleksandr "⁠KENSI⁠" Gurkin

 Almaz "almazer" Asadullin (benched)
 Evgeny "FL1T" Lebedev (transfer)