Aleksib: I’m not afraid to show everyone new strategies with dropping grenades

Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen, the in-game leader of OG, during a press conference following the group stage of IEM Fall 2021 Europe commented on his game against Sprout in the group stage, where he inflicted over 42 points of grenade damage per round on average. The Finnish esports athlete was surprised to be the first player at tier-1 level, who would use the recently appeared in CS:GO possibility of dropping grenades.

Virolainen has no fears that any of the opponents will use what he has shown against OG. He believes that sooner or later many squads would come up with this.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

I’m not afraid to show everyone new strategies with dropping grenades. I think it’s an absolutely normal thing, but, apparently, not all teams think so. I am sure that many squads are well aware that if on Dust2 a player moving between positions will constantly have additional grenades, this will greatly affect the balance of power. First of all, I'm talking about teams that are known for their smart use of grenades. For example, Astralis and BIG.

Perhaps not everyone has deeply studied this matter yet. In particular, Sprout, against which I managed to use all my plans. In next matches, the opponents will already be prepared for us doing something like that, so we will have to change our game a little.

Let us remind you that IEM Fall 2021 Europe became the first big tournament to implement the latest game version with all the updates that were released on September 22. In addition to the ability to drop grenades, the developers have also changed the view of the middle on Dust2 from the terrorist base, nerfed Desert Eagle and increased the damage of M4A1-S.