Mandela Effect in CS:GO: community controversy over an element on Mirage

On the gaming forum Reddit, a discussion between CS:GO players about many people doubting that the red tarp on Mirage, located above the "bench" position, has existed since the map was added in 2013, is getting more and more popular. The game community is confident that this fact can be considered the Mandela Effect.

The day before, a Reddit user called lalitthepr0 created a thread where he shared an observation that he had not previously noticed the mentioned red tarp. Many people agreed with him and suggested that it might have been added in the latest updates.

Screenshot posted by the thread's author on Reddit.

Many users were confident that this tarp could not have existed before, since they have been playing this position for several years and could not fail to notice an element of the map of such a big size when throwing grenades. They were opposed by other players, who often play B Bombsite on CT side and are firmly convinced that the red tarp have been there for many years.

Let us add that the Mandela Effect, according to Wikipedia, is phenomenon of a large number of persons independently sharing the same false memory.