Liquidpedia: NAVI have secured a PGL Major Stockholm 2021 spot

NAVI will participate in the upcoming major regardless of how they do at the IEM Fall 2021 RMR tournament for the CIS. Liquipedia announced this on their Twitter account.

According to the source, Natus Vincere are guaranteed to play at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 thanks to the draw for the final qualifier event. The CIS team could miss the major only in case of a lineup change, which will lead to the loss of 20% of RMR-points.

Currently, NAVI are leading the regional ranking with 3680 points. The rest four places, which also allow for participating in the Valve tournament, are taken by Team Spirit (3530 points), Gambit (3475), K23 (2575) and forZe (2450).

Let us add that PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will take place in Sweden from October 26 to November 7. 24 participants will compete for the total prize money of $2 million.