Vitality win in Group A at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021

Vitality became the winners of Group A at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021, having defeated Astralis in the grand final. The final match of the competition, the results of which will determine the seeding of the finalists in the last tournament of the autumn league season, ended 2:1 - 10:16 on Nuke, 16:10 on Vertigo and 16:9 on Dust2.

It should be reminded that in Group A, Liquid and Evil Geniuses finished third and fourth, respectively. The teams got the opportunity to qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 through the Showdown tournament, which will be held on October 12-17.

Final Group A bracket:

Prize money distribution:

1.  Vitality - $25,000 + Fall Final 2021 spot
2.  Astralis – $12,500 + Fall Final 2021 spot
3.  Liquid – $7,500 + Fall Showdown 2021 spot
4.  Evil Geniuses – $5,000 + Fall Showdown 2021 spot

BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 will continue with matches in groups B and C from September 20 to 26. Detailed results, as well as the full schedule of the upcoming matches can be found on the tournament’s page via this link.