IEM Fall 2021 Europe closed qualifier seeding revealed

The organizers of the European RMR tournament IEM Fall 2021 have announced the seeding of teams in the closed qualifier. The final qualifier stage will take place on September 14-16.

16 participants will play in the Double Elimination bracket with matches in the BO3 format. Only 12 teams will secure spots in the tournament. To do this, they need to win one of two matches in the qualifier.

Matchups for the first round of the IEM Fall 2021 Europe closed qualifier:

 FaZe –  OPAA
 Copenhagen Flames –  Fiend
 SKADE –  Anonymo
 MAD Lions –  Dignitas
 Eternal Fire –  Movistar Riders
 fnatic –  Sinners
 Endpoint –  SAW

The winners of the closed qualifier will join the previously invited Heroic, G2, mousesports, NIP, Vitality, Astralis, BIG, FunPlus Phoenix, DBL PONEY, Complexity, Sprout, and OG among the IEM Fall 2021 Europe participants. This year's final European RMR tournament will take place from September 29 to October 10 in the LAN format without audience.