FURIA will play with honda at ESL Pro League Season 14

FURIA will appear at ESL Pro League Season 14 with Lucas "honda" Cano, who left the roster earlier. This was announced on Twitter by the coach of the team Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira.

The reason for this decision was the late application for the tournament, which was not approved by the ESL representatives. The Brazilians missed the deadline to register Andre "drop" Abreu for the event. The player was promoted to the main roster from the academy.

FURIA will compete in the prestigious tournament from the bootcamp in Warsaw, where honda has already arrived. After the end of the tournament, the 21-year-old esports athlete will continue to play for the youth squad of the organization.

Thus, the debut match for drop in FURIA is postponed indefinitely. Moreover, the team's newcomer still has an active 7-year-old ban from Valve, which expires on September 7 of this year. The Brazilian was banned for owning an account with a VAC ban, which, according to Abreu, was handed to him for using a skin-trading service when the player was 12 years old.

FURIA will start ESL Pro League Season 14 in group B, where from September 1 to 5 the team will compete for the playoffs spot with NIP, Gambit, Entropiq, Liquid, and TeamOne.

FURIA lineup for ESL Pro League Season 14:

Andrei "⁠arT⁠" Piovezan
Yuri "⁠yuurih⁠" Santos
Vinicius "⁠VINI⁠" Figueiredo
Kaike "⁠KSCERATO⁠" Cerato
Lucas "⁠honda⁠" Cano

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