Four Endpoint players will be getting a share from the club's transfers

Endpoint annouced the extention of four player's contracrs: Kia "Surreal" Man, Joey "CRUC1AL" Steusel, Max "MiGHTYMAX" Heath, and Thomas "Thomas" Utting. The new agreement implies a special status within the club for the four. It will allow the players to have a portion of the buyout fee.

According to Endpoint CEO Ross "RossR⁠" Rooney, by changing the contract terms, the organization is trying to emphasize the importance of the players, who have been loyal to the brand. Rooney himself has a special status, and has been promoted from coach to CEO.

In addition to monetary reward, those who have a so-called "legacy member" status will participate in decision-making on key issues of the organization's activities.

In a press release, Endpoint noted that in the future the number of players with a "legacy member" status can be increased. The club, however, did not reveal the conditions required to obtain it. The portion of the buyout fee of the mentioned above organization's members remains unknown as well.