Guild CEO: "We’re still considering CS:GO"

Guild CEO Kal Hourd, in an interview with Dexerto, confirmed his previously announced intentions to enter the professional CS:GO scene. He also noted that due to current changes in competitive Counter-Strike, the multigaming is now focused on expanding through other disciplines.

We announced that we were looking into CS:GO, we had an interest in entering and still do, but there’s been a lot of changes on the CS:GO front and our attention has been pulled in other areas.

We promised our shareholders that we were going to make smart decisions and we were going to enter titles that made sense. There are some other titles that we’re excited about but we’re still considering CS:GO.

Guild's intentions to create a CS:GO roster became known last fall. That is when the esports analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields started to work with the organization, and was engaged in scouting and staffing.

It should be reminded that Guild was created in 2019, and now is represented in such disciplines as Valorant, Rocket League, FIFA, and Fortnite. David Beckham, the famous former soccer player, is one of the multigaming's owners.