Sico spoke about Renegades’ problems with traveling during the pandemic

Renegades’ player Simon "Sico" Williams, in an interview with Snowball Esports, expressed regret over his team not being able to participate in international tournaments regularly. According to him, due to the restrictions imposed by the Australian government because of the pandemic, the roster basically had to choose between ESL Pro League Season 14 and the regional RMR-tournament.

The main problem moreso lies in the return, not really the departure. It was quickly apparent the new Australian travel return restrictions were far too severe, rendering the trip impossible. I can’t really say that I’m surprised though, being slapped with perpetual lockdowns and restrictions feels like the norm now. The situation just became impossible and meant we would for sure miss the next RMR event.

The day after we left Cologne on July 13, the Australian government axed 50% of the return flights. There are already over 35,000 Australians trying to return home, so you can imagine that flight availability and the increasing cost just becomes absurd.

Sico added that his team is not planning to be based in Europe on an ongoing basis, and will continue to travel between continents, if possible. Under such circumstances, the team will be able to live at home and adhere to the current qualification system for big tournaments, where invites are distributed over the regions.

Renegades players are currently in Australia, where they continue to prepare for the Pacific RMR-tournament IEM Fall 2021, which will be held from September 29 to October 3.